Joseph Kameen Art

Joseph Kameen, Opening - Original Artwork


Joseph Kameen

6 x 6 inches
Oil on panel


Joseph Kameen is an artist and educator currently living in South Carolina, where he serves as an Assistant Professor of Art at the University of South Carolina Aiken. He received his BFA in painting and sculpture from Boston University, and his MFA in painting from Indiana University Bloomington.

"My work focuses on the mental and emotional systems we devise in order to understand problems that have no logical purpose or reason: major life events, philosophical crises, or personal tragedies. In particular, I am interested in the ways that, though these are internal struggles, our physical surroundings become an important part of the process. My paintings depict spaces, drawn from memory, that have become sites for a type of tactile understanding of these ideas. The subjects, both figures, and objects, are in the process of coming to terms with their surroundings. They are immersed in light and space but do not acknowledge it. Distance, emptiness, and temporality are common themes but always paired with lightness, freedom, or humor. I seek to make paintings that describe my understanding of this experience while using the physical act of painting as part of my own process of coming to terms with these questions."

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