Juliana Naufel, Something You Do Not Expect, Original Embroidery on Photograph


Juliana Naufel
Something You Do Not Expect

4.5 x 3.5 inches
Embroidery and ink on photograph

"Nothing is as beautiful as something you do not expect. How wonderful it is that if we shift our perspective just a little bit we are usually able to find beauty and extraordinary little things surrounding us? This artwork was created to celebrate the beauty and the excitement of unexpected things, creatures, moments and little treasures that are always happening for us in our lives. Another interesting thing about this piece is that it is a mixed media embroidery on a found photograph from the Czech Republic that found its way to São Paulo, Brazil and ended up with me in 2020. The photo album had its first photos taken around 1914-and the following decades of this anonymous family. I‘m not sure when this particular photo was taken but it was a miracle that it ended up with me. This artwork was part of “Starry Starry Night” group exhibition by Brandi Hofer Artist Gallery in 2021."

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