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Kaley Flowers Art

Kaley Flowers, Opulence...Control - Original Sculpture


Kaley Flowers

7 x 5 x 5 inches
Porcelain, glaze, stain, gold lustre, and cordage

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Kaley Flowers, a Toronto-based ceramic artist, pulls influences from digital culture, niche online communities, and early-Internet nostalgia. The societal impact of computers and technology influences a mythology of characters and “cyber artifacts”- in attempts to transform and solidify ephemeral, fleeting concepts into tangible objects. Interested in the narratives of material, her work utilizes clay with both historical and contemporary references, creating objects that look deeper into our relationships with technology and the objects around us.

"This selection of my recent ceramic works consists of sculptures and wall pieces, which are all highly detailed, with colorful glazing, textured surfaces, and gold lustre embellishment. Themes explored within the work range from youth nostalgia, virtual escapism, ceramic history, and the manipulation and augmentation of nature."

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