Katelynn Noel Knick art abstract painting Katelynn Noel Knick art abstract painting Katelynn Noel Knick art abstract painting

Katelynn Noel Knick, Sick Daze - Original Painting


Katelynn Noel Knick
Sick Daze

8 x 6 inches
Acrylic and colored pencil on panel


Katelynn Noel Knick is an artist, mentor, and educator based in Oklahoma City, OK.

"I create immersive spaces and scenes that invite the viewer into the work through playful shapes, whimsical lines, color. I’m inspired by movement, blending the natural and the abstract, ethereal dream-like spaces, and creating connection. I want the viewer to feel connected to my paintings through an energetic pull, that invites them in to feel, process, and relate to the energy in the work.

As a painter, my style of making is process-driven and intuitive, often layering different mediums and marks. I use acrylics, colored pencils, glazes, sanding, puffy paint, and other mediums to create depth and layers of textures that dance in the light, encouraging the viewer to interact and spend time moving and observing the painting up close.

I expand my painting practice by creating large-scale murals and inflatable sculptures. I create the inflatable sculptures intuitively, by sewing the fabric as I go and seeing what shape emerges as I fill it with air. The inflatable sculptures extend the painting beyond the wall and into a physical space, allowing me to play with scale and form and allowing the viewer to engage with the painting in a different way as they move around the sculpture and see it from all sides, up close and intimate. I love to create large-scale murals that are encompassing and immersive, allowing the viewer to interact with the work in a similar but different way. Overall, my ultimate goal with my work is to connect deeply using color and movement in a way that allows others to see the magic that's in them and all around them."


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