Katia Lifshin Art

Katia Lifshin, Redhead - Original Artwork


Katia Lifshin

5.5 x 6.2 inches
Pastel on paper

*This artwork ships from Israel*

"I use old monochromatic photographs as a guide and inspiration to my work. Photography is one of the means to save and treasure a memory, memory on the other hand is ambiguous and deceptive, it constantly transforms and takes new shapes. Relying on photography to capture a moment creates a fragmented piece of it, open for interpretation. I use this opening to create new meaning for the old photographs, and recast them as colorful oil paintings. I collect the photos from flea markets and old family albums, usually with little or no information about the people I paint. I enjoy imagining or reinventing who they are, and often I will modify details in the photographs to match my own narrative, intertwining the vintage scenes with my experiences and emotions. The subjects that I often focus on are family bonds, childhood experiences, and friendship."

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