Kimberly Kaiser Art

Kimberly Kaiser, To Build A Home No. 1 - Original Painting


Kimberly Kaiser
To Build A Home No. 1

11 x 14 inches
Mixed media on watercolor paper

Kimberly Kaiser is a wife, mother, artist, and art educator from Statesboro, Georgia. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography and Philosophy from Georgia Southern University in 2007.

"I held 2 beautiful-but too-small babies in my arms for 3 hours each before their tiny chests breathed in for the last time, and then they were gone.

I held my own breath in the peculiarity of not-quite-motherhood for almost 2 years before a pink, healthy baby was pulled from my body and lain on my chest. Today (10 years later), my 3 living children surround me in ways I could never have imagined before, and I am both affirmed and lost in the way their bodies and their lives envelope mine.

Motherhood is visceral: raw and lovely and strange and ethereal. My work is an attempt to see the truth of my identity as a mother--I am now both a childless mother and one who has earned my keep--and to follow the threads that connect my own perceptions of childhood to the ways that I share in my own children’s experiences.

Through my work I explore the process of making in a similar way that I imagine myself to be building an identity: as a push and pull of control (over mediums), in the layering (of concepts and imagery of and about my children), in the piecing (and actual stitching) together of bits of the past and of the present, and in acknowledging the way that numbers represent expectation and a false sense of certainty in the fluidity of my flesh and my experience."

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