Laurén-Magda-Art Laurén-Magda-Art Laurén Magda, Zen Moment - Original Painting

Laurén Magda, Zen Moment - Original Painting


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Laurén Magda
Zen Moment

24 inches round
Acrylic on wood

Laurén Magda is a Michigan-based, multi-disciplinary painter and digital artist who also has a decade of professional graphic design experience. The key themes Laurén explores in her work are those of the transcendental, spiritual and visionary realms. Her paintings are boldly colorful and convey a sense of both wonder and tranquility. She is inspired by the calm that comes from healing generational trauma and empowers others through her art to feel this peace and know their worth.

"I create because when I do, I feel the peace of the Universe. I feel the raw state of flow that transports me to a place that is seemingly in another dimension, where organic inspiration abounds.

Early on, I experienced generational trauma. But cutting those vestiges of pain has given me the space to create daily, making art intuitively.

My vibrant art comes from my belief in the Spiritual Realm that I kept hidden for most of my life. Now free, I flood my canvases with color, love & the beautiful state that I find myself in when I put brush to board. I feel that we are supposed to pursue the peace of the Universe in this lifetime, and art is my conduit.

My work starts with a seed: a simple phrase or word, that grows intuitively and blossoms into a finished entity. The sense of zen I feel as I create leads to detailed line work and vivid yet calm color palettes that start off as digital paintings and eventually become lively, tangible works on wood."