Leah Cupino, Ahern Glacier IV - Original Painting


Leah Cupino
Ahern Glacier IV

12 x 9 inches
Watercolor and ink


"I hunt for a rapid instinctual affair of building on a surface. A reckless advance in the studio,  brush, and fingers consort for color. I melt, mix, smear, scratch, drip, dash, and drive into my work. Come fly among my marks; tangle with time. My color builds fast and reacts." 

Despite having lived in twenty locations in the states and abroad, Leah Cupino can’t get enough new experiences. The fury of a summer hail storm, a numbing dip in an icy mountain lake, the smell of fresh basil, and limitless giggles from her three little boys all find a way to belong to only her in the studio. 

Leah wordlessly gathers these feelings into a complex space-color relationship in her large abstract paintings (her ‘Mark-Making’ series). She finds time both perplexing and precious; the canvas begs her to venerate the fleeting moment. 

In other work, she explores themes of impermanence, location, and legacy with her ‘Tree-Trail’  and ‘Glacier’ series of paintings. These symbols too seem to be stuck in one place, bearing witness to their time, eventually asked to self-destructively give."



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