Linden Eller Art Collage Linden Eller Art Collage Linden Eller Art Collage

Linden Eller, Tea Garden (Turkey) - Original Artwork


Linden Eller
Tea Garden (Turkey)

8 x 8 inches 
Acrylic, paper, fabric, pastel, pencil, felt, vellum, and cotton thread on canvas

Linden Eller's work centers around themes of memory architecture - its process of alterations, renewals, and inaccuracies. Fully enamored by mixed media, she uses a variety of materials to create, including paper, found fragments, transparencies, sewing thread, paint, and pastels. Blending autobiographical narratives with collective subjects such as childhood, longing, and place, Linden thinks of her collages as layered field recordings that represent a oneness - multiple perspectives of the same story.

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