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Liza Isakov Collage Art Liza Isakov Collage Art Liza Isakov Collage Art

Liza Isakov, Gathering Leaves - Original Collage


Liza Isakov
Gathering Leaves

8 x 10 inches 
Collage on paper

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In Moledet, Liza Isakov’s latest drawing and collage collection, she’s trying to create her own heritage. Being Russian and Jewish, and growing up in Israel; it has its own flavor. It was and is a mixture of culture, heritage, and background. Now that Isakov lives in Canada, she realizes how different her childhood was. In these drawings and collages Isakov’s attempting to connect to her past, bring memories forward, and depict her favorite parts of home. Isakov takes references from ancient artifacts from Israel, motifs of desire, a sense of belonging, and home arise in her work as she tries to find her own roots.

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