Lydia Cecilia, Expanding Boundaries - Original Collage

Lydia Cecilia, Expanding Boundaries - Original Collage


Lydia Cecilia
Expanding Boundaries

16 x 20 inches
Analog collage

"During my process of searching and creating my own identity, I came across collage as a way to express my ideas about some important contemporary issues. To me, two of these important issues are, first, the struggle of women in our society and the need to understand femininity as a common place that unites us through our common longings, our daily difficulties and the desire for equality increasingly closer and, at the same time, in danger. And second, the need to eliminate those strict social labels that we intend to define and classify without being able to describe the complexity of the identities that make up our world. It is necessary to put into question certain ideas learned in order to create a scenario for discussion and understanding, where new conceptions have a place that until now have not been taken into account in our social construction."

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