Lydia Cecilia Art Collage Lydia Cecilia Art Collage

Lydia Cecilia, Getting us away from the center - Original Collage


Lydia Cecilia
Getting us away from the center

13 x 17 inches (17 x 21 inches framed)
Analog collage and pressed wildflowers on paper

*This artwork ships from Canada*

"It seems, especially for women, but for people in general, that we have to adapt in order to fit in our world, in our society, in our accepted rules and norms. As Judith Butler wrote in her book Gender Trouble, “the identities of discontinuity and incoherence, themselves thinkable only in relation to existing norms of continuity and coherence, are constantly prohibited”. 

Due to this cultural matrix, certain kinds of identities cannot exist, that is, those in which gender does not follow from sex and those in which the practice of desire does not follow from either sex or gender. Every single role, every single desire, every single kind of relationship has to be thought and justified through this cultural matrix.

‘Subversión’ is the new Lydia Cecilia’s body of work which explores the ideas of metamorphosis, evolution, and subversion of identity and relationships. This theoretical framework is very close to the Earth or Land art ideas developed in their colossal sculptures. Lydia Cecilia has carefully selected materials, mainly flowers, and leaves, in the woods nearby, to create an experience about time and change in the spectator. The dried flowers in those artworks evolve through time to celebrate the personal metamorphosis in the viewer."

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