Margot Dermody, Paris 5 - Original Painting


Margot Dermody
Paris 5

12 x 9 inches, float mounted to archival mat 16 x 12 inches
Acrylic on yupo paper

"I create artwork that incorporates memories of personal experience, significant places, feelings of hope and serenity, and my lifelong passion for nature. My work is also informed by changing conditions of light and the texture of water. The dance of making marks, considering them, and responding to them is an integral
aspect of my process.

I work intuitively to express the beauty I see in my surroundings and places experienced. I feel awe and inspiration at the edge of a body of water, alongside mountains, or in the deep woods. Using contemporary methods with acrylic, mixed media, and glass, I create opaque and translucent layers to achieve depth. As I work, I explore the contradictory space and tension between the eloquence of minimal and overworked spaces."

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