Maria Shanina, Lanterns II - Original Artwork


Maria Shanina
Lanterns II

8 x 26 inches 
Natural plant pigments and paint on silk

*This artwork ships from Canada*

Maria is a designer and artist, creating out of her studio in Ottawa, Ontario where she works with textiles and mixed media. Maria has a degree in information design and has worked as a web designer for the past several years. Currently, she’s a graduate student at Parsons School of design. In her free time, Maria dedicates herself to mentoring other creatives, giving priority to women, those who are at the beginning of their careers, women immigrants, and those who struggle with impostor syndrome.

"Lanterns symbolize the inner light that guides us through periods of darkness. They encourage us to find our inner strength by illuminating our life journey in the world. I find this symbolic meaning reflects the current times we live in.

“Lanterns” is a group of silk artworks with hand-painted silk objects, depicting the shapes of lanterns. Delicate silk objects capture the light, creating shimmering effects and moving slightly when a person goes nearby as if engaging with that person, inviting them to stop, pay attention and enjoy the moment.

It’s about capturing that second of stillness turned into the moment of slight motion - a feeling of calmness within the continuous movement of life that the artist wanted to share."

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