Micole Arias contemporary realism watercolor artist

Micole Arias, Empty Space - Original Painting


Micole Arias
Empty Space

15 x 18 inches
Watercolor on paper

"Empty Space is an original watercolor painting that is signed and varnished for UV protection that is inspired by the concept of dreaming. Being asleep is such a peaceful thing to do. But at the same time, it is a vulnerable state to be in. You have to trust your surroundings to allow your mind to relax and to fall deep into the unknown, where your soul will travel free. Once you are free from the world we live in, your mind and soul travel to places while your body rests. I express this through the birds flowing out of the person's body. Dreaming is an otherworldly experience, and then once it's time to face the real world, we wake up and we repeat this process every night and day."

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