Micole Arias contemporary realism watercolor artist

Micole Arias, Intractable - Original Painting


Micole Arias

12 x 18 inches
Watercolor on paper

"Intractable is an original watercolor painting that is signed and varnished for UV protection, and is inspired by the concept of time. The title itself of this painting, intractable, means hard to control or deal with, such as time. As much as we would love to, we can not control time, instead time controls us. We are constantly aware of what it says on the clock because our lives revolve around it. When we wake up the first thing we do is look at the clock, and before we close our eyes for bed is check the time because we can't afford to sleep in or go to bed too late, it can potentially cost us too much time. I represent this through the painting with the broken down clock. The white raven represents us, the people that live around the clock, with no escape tied to the tree."

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