Mona Lerch abstract figurative art

Mona Lerch, Let Me Guide You - Original Painting


Mona Lerch
Let Me Guide You

8.3 x 11.6 inches
Graphite, ink, tea, and alcohol on handmade 300g/m2 watercolor paper

*This artwork ships from the Czech Republic*

Mona Lerch is a self-taught contemporary visual artist and also the founder of two global platforms which highlight women in the arts, Art Mums United and Women United ART MOVEMENT, as well as the international contemporary art contest Women United ART PRIZE.

"What started as a hobby that helped me relax and step away from all the world's sorrows became a passion and purpose after suffering from postpartum trauma, depression, and anxiety. Canvas, paper, and wooden panels are my playgrounds - my performance stages where I give shape to dreams and emotions, drawing inspiration from nature with its perfect imperfections, geometry, and feminine energies. I embrace what it means to be a woman with my current body of work. I celebrate strength, compassion, love, and spirituality as all my pieces reflect my own spiritual awakening, setting boundaries, facing challenges, and fearlessly going for my dreams and goals.

Having worked in a predominantly male area for years, denying my femininity which I perceived as a weakness, and being almost ashamed of being a young woman resulted in being diagnosed with a condition typically associated with failure to accept femininity. As I freed myself of everything that went against my body, mind, and soul, I also managed to free myself of this condition realizing that I can create a ripple effect and empower other women to focus on long-term changes both in their lives and art practices. Through my art and other activities, I encourage them to be unapologetic, authentic, and aware that we own our choices and decisions.

I welcome the challenges that come with each technique as I shift between different media in my art process. I recently found joy in a technique that forced me to let go, experiencing unpredictable flow using graphite to sketch, inks to highlight, water, tea, and alcohol to build the form and character of my pieces. They are a tribute to my journey and other inspiring women I encounter along the road."

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