Purple abstract painting by Nicolle Cure Modern interior with purple abstract painting by Nicolle Cure Detail, purple abstract painting by Nicolle Cure Detail, purple abstract painting by Nicolle Cure

Nicolle Cure, Rush - Original Painting


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Nicolle Cure

36 x 36 inches
Acrylic and ink on canvas

"Throughout the years, I have created several art collections often drawn from personal experiences. Each series consists of artworks portraying emotions and events that have profoundly impacted my life.  My latest series, The Colors of Sound, was born during a time of much-obliged self-isolation and severe anxiety caused by my sudden unilateral hearing loss. 

I use high-fluid acrylic ink and paint to mimic the energy and movement of the sound waves and I later add accents with graphite, charcoal, and oil pastels. I chose vibrant colors to create an uplifting, positive message, and darker colors for a more somber tone. Through this series, I explore the relationship between sound and life, to consider how we make sense of our surroundings through what we can hear."

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