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Nicolle Cure, Serene Melodies 3 - Original Painting


Nicolle Cure
Serene Melodies 3

8 x 8 inches
Acrylic ink, acrylic, spray paint, white charcoal, graphite, and pastels on canvas

"The Colors of Sound SUPERNOVA Series is a collection of mixed media paintings where I focus my attention on the contrast of light and shadows, the juxtaposition of silence and sound. In these works, I continue examining the important role that sound (or the absence of it) plays in our lives. Sound deeply affects our interactions with one another. Sound takes up space. Sound and space cannot be separated; sound, as mechanical vibration, needs room to unfold and matter to modulate. This means that an acoustic experience is, by its very definition, a spatial one as well.

Through highly pigmented ink washes combined with fluid and medium body acrylics, I carefully add layers on top of layers, creating multidimensional figures on the canvas. I use repetitive mark-making to create texture, depth, and shapes to resemble sound waves and energy. Some of these shapes also resemble universe elements like stars, planet-like textures with the aim to capture with vibrant color magnetic energy. "

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