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Polly Jones Art

Polly Jones, Trick of Light - Original Painting


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Polly Jones
Trick of Light

48 x 48 inches
Acrylic mixed media on canvas

Polly Jones grew up in Plainview, Texas surrounded by a vast sky and parents who encouraged her love for art. She earned a BFA in painting at Abilene Christian University which sparked a life long passion for still life painting. Polly spends her days painting in a sunny, converted porch studio.

"I paint from life, intently looking at the objects I have set up. The paintings come from gratitude and a longing to practice mindfulness in a world that doesn’t always encourage reverie. The still life setups are composed of daily life—finding energy and delight in ordinary moments and objects. I often include ephemeral flowers or fish, reminders of the fleeting quality of life as well as a reminder of the changes in our world climate that put it in peril. During this troubling time, my work is an attempt to hold the good while acknowledging the imperfection in our world. Sometimes I wonder if I’m fiddling while Rome burns.

Paint and paper are combined on canvas to create a surface that invites a close look. I use printed paper and vintage ephemera such as map fragments, ledger paper, hymns, old mortgage fee charts, poetry and Little Golden Book Encyclopedia pages for children. This a way of putting other voices and viewpoints within the image. The use of old school paper is a holding space for analogue which I find important because of the overwhelming amount of information in our digital age. The collage elements also serve to open up the work for alternative narratives and connections. Intense color, light, pattern, and texture are a focus that drive me on this creative journey. Grappling with all of these ingredients feels like a serious and joyful form of play. The polka dots refer to faith in atoms, spirit, pixels, and all of the things that are hard to see that pervade the physical world."

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