Rocio Romero, Invisible Hug - Original Collage


Rocio Romero
Invisible Hug

7 x 9.5 inches 
Paper collage and acrylic on grane fine 300 GSM paper

*This artwork ships from Spain*

"In my handmade collages the processes of collecting, selection, and juxtaposition are mixed in a natural way. The pieces used in the compositions come from different contexts such as nature, paper cutouts, tiling, or ready-made objects picked up all over the world and, after a thorough manipulation, the whole ensemble acquires a new meaning. My collage works always have a hidden story inside expressed both in terms of form and content. I only work with original materials; every collage is a unique work.

In this new collage series, women are the starring role. These women, from old photo romance magazines from the '70s, have been subtracted from the plot and now the spectators are the ones who have the chance to imagine a new story for these ladies…"

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