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Sarbani Ghosh, Dimension Altering Event - Original Collage


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Sarbani Ghosh
Dimension Altering Event

18 x 24 inches 
Acrylic, watercolor, and collage on panel

"What is the inner landscape of the imagined mind? What if the self becomes an inhabitant of a larger world in the subconscious? Do obstacles become mountains? Does relief become an oasis? I mix photo collage and painting to create saturated, complicated landscapes that attempt to give answers to these questions. The abstraction of the landscape suggests a dream or hallucination, with glimpses into other celestial worlds and planets. Tiny people populate these worlds; they interact with, run away from, or wonder at the fantastical worlds before them. The landscapes themselves are more of an internal landscape, a place to reckon with multifaceted emotions that cannot easily be put into words." - Sarbani Ghosh

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