Shachi Kale Art Shachi Kale Art Shachi Kale, Attention - Original Painting

Shachi Kale, Attention - Original Painting


Shachi Kale

5 x 7 inches
Acryla gouache

Shachi Kale is a visual storyteller, graphic designer, and children’s book illustrator. Her art is an exploration of her internal dialogue and an attempt at understanding herself and the many roles she plays. In this lockdown, she has focused her gaze on the quiet moments she has experienced in the company of her loyal companion, her studio dog Buzz. She has tried to capture the slow simple pace of days, the moments of beauty and comfort that were once ignored and now so valuable.

Shachi uses gouache, watercolors, acrylics, embroidery, and digital arts. She is fascinated by folk art from around the world, the artists’ use of flat colors, simple perspective, and storytelling. She is also drawn to Indian miniature art and the patterns and decorative elements used in them. The vibrant and rich colors of her palette are a legacy of her Indian heritage, and the narrative elements are an influence from her work as a children’s book illustrator.

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