Shray Friedman figurative bronze sculpture Shray Friedman figurative bronze sculpture Shray Friedman figurative bronze sculpture

Shray, Soulmates - Original Sculpture


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14 x 7 x 5 inches
Bronze sculpture

Bronze sculptor Shray is one of the few working artists today who employs the subtractionist technique. Like Michelangelo, who released the human form in stone, She unveils humanity in blocks of clay. Her works come to life in bronze. Shray's use of line and mass has been compared to that of Henry Moore, Rodin, and Brancusi. 

She began her classical training with a scholarship at the Academy of Art in San Francisco, then went on to study at the San Francisco Art Institute on a full grant. Shray was mentored by artist Piero Mussi, of the Mussi Artworks Foundry of California and intensively studied the work of Rodin in Paris.

Shray’s sculpture, “Raising Tomorrow’s Olympic Champions”, chosen from 2,600 entries from 82 countries to compete in the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China received the "Excellent Works" Award. At the closing of the International Olympics Sculpture Tour, Shray was named the winner of the "Five Rings Award".

Now exploring refractive light on mass, maintaining the human experience reflected in the forms, Shray says that by consciously leaving out details, I enable the viewer to fill in the story, giving them shared ownership over my artwork. I believe art is a conduit between the artist and the person it deeply resonates with, once they experience it, is forever changed.