Vanessa-Lam-Art-Affordable-abstract-work-on-paper Vanessa-Lam-Art-Affordable-abstract-work-on-paper Vanessa-Lam-Art-Affordable-abstract-work-on-paper Vanessa-Lam-Art-Affordable-abstract-work-on-paper

Vanessa Lam, Renewal No. 2 - Original Painting


Vanessa Lam
Renewal No. 2

22 x 30 inches
Mixed media on paper


Vanessa Lam lives and works in Vancouver, British Columbia. She is the Vancouver Regional and Grand Prize Winner of the 2017 Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series. She was awarded the opportunity to collaborate with Artsy for her first solo exhibition in New York. Lam completed an artist residency at Takt Projektraum in Berlin, Germany. Her work has been featured in Create! and Uppercase Magazines. Lam’s work can be found in private collections in Vancouver, Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York.

"My work begins as an emotional release. I translate emotions evoked from everyday observations, into color, form, and movement in paintings, sculptural works, and collages.  My work embodies a sense of rawness and inhibition that is guided by experimentation, chance, and control.  Painting with force and power, I intentionally combine contrasting loose gestures, splatters, and organic forms with hard-edged shapes.

My explorations relate to my interest in emotional intelligence between cultures. As a child, I learned that it is more acceptable to show emotional restraint than to be openly expressive. My art practice allows me space and freedom for self-expression without restrictions or judgment.  The painting process of layering, adding, and removing not only references this tension but also to the complexity and range of these “mixed emotions”.  I use abstraction as a vehicle to disrupt conventions and to break free of the perceptions placed on me."


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