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Veda's Atelier, Black Tray with Gold Flakes - Home Decor


Veda's Atelier
Black Tray with Gold Flakes

8 x 12 inches each
Epoxy resin, pigments, and mica powder
Gold edging

Lend your home a high-end vibe with this bespoke tray made with high-quality resin and gilded by hand. Every piece is unique, all items are made to order, and thus, they may differ slightly from the image shown here. Although the colors used will be exactly the same, patterns may vary a touch.

*A note about processing time: As each piece is custom made and resin takes about 72 hours to cure completely, the product will be ready to ship in 7-10 days. We appreciate your patience!

Veda’s Atelier is the creative child of Heena Aswani, a resin artist based in Raleigh, North Carolina. Her style is transitional - modern take on traditional designs, and her pieces are known to uplift the vibe of a space, transforming it to chic & stylish instantly. Heena believes her pieces aren’t just another decor item but ART for your coffee tables, bars or dining room, that’s truly one of a kind.

Thank you for checking out our August 2020 Maker of the Month! If you have any questions about this item, we're happy to help. Please email Alicia at