Julia CR Gray ceramic figurative sculpture

Julia C R Gray, 5" Coral SHE (Pearl Sunburn) - Original Sculpture


Julia C R Gray
5" Coral SHE (Pearl Sunburn)

5 x 2.5 x 3.5 inches
Mid-fire ceramic, slip-cast and hand-built, layered slip, glaze, oxides, opal, and 18k gold luster glaze

I sculpt using slip-casting and hand-building methods in my home ceramic studio. My sculpture series—SHE Sea Wisdom and Coral Reef SHE-Shell—feature glossy female torsos with deeply textured coral-inspired shapes that I attach to the body and base. The clay sculptures are bisque-fired, and then glaze-fired multiple times to create varied glazed surfaces. I enhance small details with opalescent and real 18-karat gold luster glazes in the final firing. 

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