How do I know what size art to put on my wall?

How do I know what size art to put on my wall?

You know you want to add wall art to your space, but you're unsure of what size will look best. If that's you, you're in the right place!

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In today's post, we're sharing a simple tool you can utilize to know what size art to put on your wall. This way, you can ensure that you'll choose a work of art like Goldilocks: not too big, nor too small but just right.

Why is this so important? While you can certainly make a case that an oversized work of art will add drama or a smaller piece of wall art is ideal for subtlety, there is a general standard that most professionals in the art and design industry use.

Selecting a work between 60-75% of the size of the overall wall space fills the area while still allowing for breathing room. Your wall won't look cluttered because the piece isn't too big and it also won't appear as though the work is floating in a void, which can happen if the piece is too small. 

So, here's how our art size calculator works!

First, measure the entirety of the area where you will be hanging your artwork in inches. For example, if the area is five feet high by eight feet wide, enter in 60 inches and 96 inches. The calculator will do its computing automatically and generate the ideal range you should look for. Try it out:


Here are a few things to note!

The calculator rounds to the nearest inch, but you may not find artwork at the exact sizes it recommends. For example, the suggested range may be between 47 x 54 and 59 x 68 inches. There aren't as many options with a height measurement of 47 as there would be with 48 or with 59 as 60. 

Please use this range as a guide. Using the same numbers from the previous example, let's say you find a painting that is 60 inches that you fall in love with and think would match with the existing decor in your space. Just because it falls slightly outside of the range doesn't mean you should discard it as an option!

As long as it's close enough to the recommended size of artwork, it will very likely look exactly as you imagine. 

That said, you can always use tools like our virtual simulators powered by ArtPlacer to show you what an artwork will look like on your wall. This service is free and you can find it on every available artwork page on our website. 

Finally, here's a simple tip to keep in mind if you like a piece that is smaller than your suggested measurements. Sticking with the same numbers above, what if you find an artwork you really like that is 42 x 42 inches. Remember that you can add a thick frame to add a few extra inches on each side and that may very well make it the right size for your space. 

Once you have your measurements, you may be wondering: now where do I find artwork in the size I need? Check out this article on how to find affordable artwork online or browse artwork in our gallery

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