Juliana Naufel, Good Things Are Already Here, Limited Edition Print


Juliana Naufel
Good Things Are Already Here

8.3 x 11.7 inches
Printed with LuciaPro Mineral Pigments on Canson Photo Satin Premium 270gsm
Edition of 5
Certificate of authenticity included

Naufel’s work invites us to have a little faith in life and to move forward with grace. Her artworks are strongly influenced by the healing aspect of embroidering photographs as a way of making amends with the past and of rewriting stories. She uses her passion for life to inspire powerful messages that she exposes through her vibrant mixed media embroidered photographs. The compositions are visual healing poems that create a new version of the world - one sprinkled in color, spontaneity and joy. Her work reminds us to prioritize the things in life that bring us hope and peace and with every stitch that she makes, Juliana wants to share her experience with us and encourage our cognizance of the little things in life that make us unique

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