Original collage art Lydia Cecilia

Lydia Cecilia, La Emperatriz te da hora - Original Collage


Lydia Cecilia
La Emperatriz te da hora

12 x 16 inches
Hand-cut collage on 100% cotton paper

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"Our society tends to understand women as entities that have to be beautiful and young. In Lydia Cecilia’s ‘Female horde’ series, the flowers and fashion elements are a metaphor that aims to create in the viewer a cognitive estrangement

Cognitive estrangement is a term coined to describe science fiction because of its effect of separating or "estranging" us from our usual assumptions about reality.

In the ‘Female horde’ series, familiar objects and ideas, such as flowers and fashion, are used to inspire new ideas of women as powerful, complex, and resilient creatures in their own nature. They are used to emphasize female power and how all of these elements are tools for empowerment, in opposition to the general understanding of them as female weakness."

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