Jodi Miller

Jodi Miller Artist Biography

Following a 20-year career as an aerospace engineer in the Royal Canadian Air Force, Jodi returned to her home provide of Saskatchewan, whose environment now informs her work. Her art explores our relationship with a place, our sense of belonging, and the humanity of connection. Her impressionist landscapes use color and texture to recall connections, memories, and experiences. Jodi challenges the viewer to overlay their own story on her paintings, making each connection personal.


My landscapes are an exploration of human connection as we relate to the same vast skies, ever-changing, transitioning and reminding us that we are all part of something so much bigger. I wanted to find space to breathe in these "little" big skies, a place to remember where we have come from as we cast our gaze forward to the possibilities that lie ahead on our unique paths. These paintings each hold a memory, a story, and hopefully, some room to breathe.

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