Leticia Lacy

Leticia Lacy Artist Biography & Statement

Born in Los Angeles CA, Leticia Lacy is an artist and contemporary painter. After receiving her BFA at UCSB with a focus on fine art painting, she lent her talents to Cartoon Network’s "Samurai Jack," "Star Wars Clone Wars," "Power Puff Girls," and Disney's "Tron." She continued art directing many more shows for Nickelodeon and Disney and also illustrated a children’s book for Random House. All the while, she continued creating personal work. Over the years, she has shown in various art galleries in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Laguna Beach, and Palm Springs.

In 2023, she shifted her focus full-time to fine art painting with a collection called “California Dreaming.” This series is a metaphor for "diving into the unknown" and combines California vintage vibes with a female perspective. She felt that many around her were venturing into bold courageous life changes and her paintings began to be inspired by this trend. Diving from the clouds without a life vest, looking out onto new horizons to weigh options and fully letting go into the “free fall of life” are themes in this series. With all of her background in art directing and visual development, she tends to lean towards figurative pieces that give a sense of story and creates bright energetic color palettes to set the mood. She feels that a splashy color choice can really make a painting sing.

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