Shefali Khanna

Shefali Khanna original contemporary floral painting

Shefali Khanna Artist Biography

Shefali is a 33-year old mixed media artist born and raised in New Dehli, currently residing in Amritsar, Punjab, India with her husband and son. She graduated from the Pearl Academy of Fashion in Delhi and completed a cultural exchange program in Ravensbourne College in the UK. 


In my artwork, I strive to capture the magnificence of nature and bring attention to objects that may be overlooked in our daily lives. My paintings exist at the intersection of landscape and abstraction, utilizing a diverse range of mediums to convey a rich tapestry of narratives. Despite my background in Textile Design from one of India's premier institutions, I found myself yearning for a more fulfilling artistic path. 

My art is an exploration of ambiguous, generic, and abstracted spaces, creating a sense of familiarity within the viewer. Graduating from a textile design background, I have a unique perspective that infuses my work with a blend of texture, color, and form. 

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