Sophie Adair

Sophie Adair monochromatic landscape oil paintings

Sophie Adair Artist Biography & Statement 

Sophie Adair is a young, self-taught, British talent residing in France whose paintings have been featured in exhibitions internationally. Working primarily in oil paints, Adair creates realistic style seascapes and landscapes exploring the  beauty of chaos within storms. Taking inspiration from old black and white photographs her work has transformed into monochromatic landscapes and is characterised by her use of cool, limited colour palettes and great technical detail in the rendering of light and shadows. 

Raging seas, dark landscapes and moody skies form the basis of Adair’s work: ‘My work focuses on storms and the light we find within them. I paint intimate and real scenes that invite the viewer to look closer and embrace the chaos.’

As a teenager Sophie left her home town of Preston, UK to move to Paris, it was there that she first picked up a paintbrush and fell in love with creating. ‘I knew from a young age I had a strong urge to create  with my hands, it wasn’t until I found painting that it really fell into place’.

Since she began painting in 2018, Adair’s work has been shown in exhibitions in the UK and France. She has gained an extensive base of collectors, completed her first invite only artist residency at Pouch Cove, Canada and recently opened her first solo show in April 2024.

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