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Steph Blondet Artist Biography

Steph Blondet is a Puerto Rican visual artist based in Tampa, FL. She grew up taking private art classes and obtained her Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Puerto Rico, her Associate of Art from EDP College, and her Master of Science in Digital Marketing from Full Sail University. Upon graduating, she moved to Washington, DC in 2013 to pursue a career in graphic design and web development. During this time, she sold to private collectors in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada. In 2019, she moved to Tampa, FL, and she currently splits her time between Tampa and Puerto Rico.


I explore personal themes of self-growth  and healing through textured, sculptural  paintings. Growing up, I often felt restricted  in expressing myself and grappled with the  societal expectations placed on women.  I work through these experiences and  dismantle these beliefs by engaging in the  creative process, which allows me to gain a  deeper understanding of who I am as both  an artist and individual.

I create intuitively and communicate my story through color, form, and composition.  Each material and placement has its own purpose and meaning. While the rough, irregular texture of each painting represents the unpredictable nature of  life, the sculptural curves convey the highs and lows we collectively experience. I use  contrasting colors and shapes to reflect the duality of the human experience, and  to convey that through darkness there will always be light.  

While I document moments that are unique to my journey, the message I send  is universal – we are inherently connected  through our experiences.

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