Kat Collins

Kat Collins impressionist abstract painting

Kat Collins Artist Biography 

Kat Collins is an abstract expressionist artist who lives and works in Allentown, Pennsylvania. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Art from Mount Vernon Nazarene University. Her art has been exhibited at the Lehigh Art Alliance, Gallery 840, The Boyer Gallery, and Connexions Gallery in Pennsylvania. They have been held at Ronald K. De Long Gallery and David E. Rodale and Rodale Family Galleries in Pennsylvania, among other venues. 


I believe the communication with the viewer of my paintings is the most central element of my work as an artist, to transport them wherever they want to go. I feel that each painting is a poetic story written in collaboration between myself as the artist and you, the viewer, inviting you into its spaces and inspiring contemplation and personal connections along a remote trail of memory.

I strive to make abstract paintings that reach beyond the events of here and now, and that engage universal themes of mysticism, time, and the transience of life. Working primarily in acrylic paint with palette knives on canvas, my work combines moody, vivid colors, thick textures, and energetic marks, hinting at memories of light, space, landscapes, and atmospheres while embodying emotional weather. It is this mix of intention and intuition that brings depth and mystery to my paintings, encouraging you to fill in the “gaps” left by me and by my suggestive handling of paint and illusion.

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