Lisa Britton

Lisa Britton Artist Biography 

Lisa Britton is an oil painter based in Seattle WA. Her work focuses on flora and fauna, primarily rabbits. She is an expert at capturing their personality while using saturated colors within her paintings. 

She received her BFA in painting from Arizona State University. After graduation, she spent several months in Berlin, Germany, where she interned for photographer Isabelle Graeff and painter Ross Walker and co-curated a pop-up exhibition. She has previously shown with 311 Gallery in North Carolina and Dab Art Co. online, and has also exhibited in Germany. Her work has explored themes such as animal rights, disclosure and identity in social media, as well as notions of beauty and decay.

Britton, along with friend and artist Alejandra Orozco, are creators of the blog, Pretty Girls Making Cool Shit, aiming to be fun and informative while creating a community of support and empowerment for female artists.

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