Purchased artwork with us?

Please send us a photo of your new PxP Contemporary artwork via email at info@pxpcontemporary.com or share your images on social media, tag us @pxpcontemporary, and we'll be sure to repost! We love seeing how you incorporate the addition(s) to your art collection into your space. As always, thank you for supporting our artists and collecting art you can afford to love!

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Reviews & photos from our clients!

"I love my painting so much!!"

Salem, MA

Client photo with Betsy Enzensberger original sculpture.

London, UK

"Seeing this beautiful small painting in my home helps me shift to a positive mindset."

Pittsburgh, PA

"Thanks so much! Recieved the paintings and love them!"

Oakland, CA

"Popsicle is with us and we loooove it!"

Hyderabad, India

"Yes, it arrived safely! I'm very happy with the painting!"

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

"A vintage gold frame added the perfect finishing touch and now I love it so much!! Before this, my walls were so woefully bare."

Philadelphia, PA

"I love my piece. I got it framed and it is fabulous. Thank you so much!"

Vancouver, Canada

"I got my popsicle and it looks great with my other artwork - thank you!"

San Diego, CA

"I am in love with this piece and the gallery. Thank you Alicia for helping me figure out affordable shipping to Canada as well!"

Ontario, Canada

Client photo featuring embroidery artwork by Juliana Naufel.

Miami, FL

Client photo featuring a print by Valerie Auersperg.

San Jose, CA

"Fits perfectly with my coastal decor!"

Rehoboth Beach, DE


Chicago, IL

Client photo with Piya Samant limited edition prints.

Sutton, MA

Client photo with paintings by Nicolle Cure.

Coral Gables, FL

Client photo with artwork by Jodi Miller.


Client photo with sculptures by Jennifer Khoshbin.

Wood-Ridge, NJ

"Thank you for making my mother's day extra special!! My kiddos were so happy giving me my present today. I absolutely love my new art piece."


Client photo with paintings by Ingrid V. Wells and drawing by Bethany Cochran.

Wilmington, DE

"I love this piece by Bri Custer! Awesome collections."

Pittsburgh, PA

"Love the beautiful painting. Can't wait to frame it."

Clearwater, FL

Client photo with a painting by Kestin Cornwall.

Wilmington, DE

"Thanks PxP Contemporary for making me aware of this beautiful work."

Whitesboro, NY

"Thank you again for working with me to get these great pieces into my home. In eight years, I’ve never hung anything right in this spot and now I have the perfect thing!"

Washington D.C.

Client photo with two ice cream sculptures by Jourdan Joly.

Rehoboth Beach, DE

"Thank you PxP Contemporary!"

Paris, France

Client photo with artwork by Brandi Hofer.

Washington D.C.

Client photo with embroidery by Anuradha Bhaumick.

Philadelphia, PA

Client photo with two collages by Jenny Brown.

Rehoboth Beach, DE

"Thank you for brightening up my daughter's 20th birthday, she is extremely happy!!"


Client photo with a print by Shawna Gilmore.

San Diego, CA

Art by Elisa Valenti, Betsy Enzensberger, and Jourdan Joly!

San José, Costa Rica

"I am blown away. This piece is so stunning!"

Arlington, VA

Client photo with painting by Piya Samant

Norman, OK

Client photo with artwork by Seth Remsnyder.

Washington D.C.