Aunia Kahn, Gentle Metamorphosis - Original Painting

Aunia Kahn, Gentle Metamorphosis - Original Painting


Aunia Kahn
Gentle Metamorphosis

9 x 12 inches
Gouache, watercolor, colored pencil and gold ink on archival watercolor board

"The work I create is inspired by the heartfelt desire to connect to the world where real-time participation has been minimal. As a human who struggled with an undiagnosed illness that left me on the brink of death for two decades – creativity has been my lifeline. This unforeseen lifeline provided a vessel to channel numerous ways to engage with my unfolding story. What is more, it has become a direct connection to other peoples’ stories in this vast world of beauty and complicated life challenges. For years, my work was based on survival. Now, entering another phase of my life, my work has transitioned into a narrative of personal evolution and highlights how grateful I am to still be alive. The work is rooted in symbolism in touches on subjects such as vulnerability, loss, challenges, beauty, wisdom, and the voice we all have inside.

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