Heather Polk

Heather Polk figurative original collage art
Heather Polk Artist Biography

Heather Polk is a collage artist based in Chicago, Illinois. She advocates for the understanding of the therapeutic benefits of exploring and expressing creativity as a form of self-care and stress management. Heather desires for everyone to unleash their creative potential and enjoy the power of art! 


My work is informed by my personal experiences, observations, and curiosities. My love of bold color, flowers, and hearts anchor a lot of my work and genuinely reflect my soul and personality. I have found my creative flow and when I am working it feels effortless and meditative. Never forget, creativity unleashed rewards every soul.

Heather's work was featured by NY Mag's The Strategist in "33 Pieces of Wall Art From Black Artists"

Also, don't miss her collection of original abstract collages as well!

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