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Art Prints by Katie Dean

Katie studied art, design, and print production at Western Washington University in Bellingham. During this time, she was introduced to letterpress printing and fine art printmaking. After graduating in 2001, she moved to Seattle to begin an in-house graphic design and marketing job. This was a great opportunity to learn about branding, marketing, and business. In 2007, she moved to Tacoma and started developing a line of greeting cards to market and sell as her next professional chapter. Not long into the journey, she became a mother of two and decided to split her time between creative business and motherhood. During the heavy days of being a new mom, she decided to explore her love of printmaking and letterpress as a way to find joy and lightness amidst the responsibilities of parenting. Creative juices flowed and time for experimentation was available. Her work has taken many twists and turns since then. She has utilized many of her original art prints as designs for her product-based business, Little Green Design. She continues to raise her kids in Tacoma, where her studio space remains active and alive.

Artist Statement

I love nature. I love my journey in recovery and stumbling along the cobblestones of life with my recovery family. I love my kids and being a mom. I love inspiring conversation and sharing of ideas. I love gentleness and building an environment of noncompetition. I love reading books about the spiritual journey of life. I don’t know the answers or consider myself a guide for others, but I’m playful and curious and enjoy exploring with community. I try to keep my judgments of others in check and to remind myself that we are all here doing our best. At times, I can be hypersensitive and this is something
I’m trying to have faith and patience with, while I continue to grow as an artist. I’ve started writing poetry as another layer of my work. It’s exciting to receive these poems, that match so beautifully, with the visual pictures that come to me. Living is beautiful and challenging. I want to squeeze out every moment and utilize it for expression and I get a thrill in seeing others do the same. Expressing and sharing ideas enhances joy.

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