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 Chroma art exhibition philadelphia

Create! Magazine and PxP Contemporary are thrilled to announce the opening of an in-person group exhibition on July 7, 2023, on the third floor of the Paradigm Arts Building. 
This engaging juried show will highlight works from over 40 local, national and international emerging artists exploring the theme of color, vibrancy and intensity in their work. 

"Chroma" is curated by Alicia Puig, CEO of PxP Contemporary and Director of Create! Magazine, and Ekaterina Popova, Founder of Create! Magazine. It celebrates the expressive potential of color and showcases the myriad interpretations it inspires. Artists and viewers alike are invited to discover the rich and diverse possibilities of color explored through paper cutting, painting, sculpture, mixed media, collage, drawing and more.

The exhibition will be open to the public for three weeks, until July 30th, allowing ample opportunity for visitors to immerse themselves in the vivid and thought-provoking artworks on display. During the run of the show, all of the art will also be viewable and available to purchase via a dedicated virtual showroom at: www.pxpcontemporary.com/collections/chroma.

Event Details:

  • Where: Paradigm Arts Building, 12 N 3rd St, Philadelphia, PA 19106, 3rd Floor
  • When: Friday, July 7, 2023, from 6-8 pm EST

Featured artists:

Andrea Bartine Caldarise, Lindsey Benitz, Elizabeth Bergeland, Yana Beylinson, Jenny Brown, Neena Buxani, Ali Cavanaugh, Alexandra Chiou, Kendra Dandy, Manty Dey, Gabrielle Dobrzelewski, Poppy Dodge, Melissa Gile, Kyle Goderwis, Phyllis Gorsen, Claira Heitzenrater, Heather Heitzenrater, Elizabeth Hamilton, Jade Jaroszenski, Teresa I. Johnson, Michael Kalmbach, Tyler Kay, Kelly Kozma, Ruth LaGue, Kate Leibrand, Kat Loeber, J. Frankie McCourt, Chloe McEldowney, Ann Miller Smith, Melissa Minh Truex, Emily Mullet, James Oliver, Seth Remsndyer, Jack Rowland, Marc Scheff, Erika Stearly, Amy Stewart, Gabrielle Strong, Gretchen Warsen, Bella Wattles, Ali Williams, Ben Willis, Zifeng Zang, and Pete Zebley.