Margot Dermody

 Margot Dermody glass and stone sculpture

Margot Dermody Artist Biography

Margot Dermody (b. Takoma Park, MD) is an artist based in Pittsburgh, PA. Her current solo exhibition, The Way of Peace, Forward and Back, is in the Pittsburgh Federal Courthouse lobby, Art in the Courthouse, through April 15, 2023. Her work has been shown in numerous exhibitions, Stories to be Told, Art Mum’s (2023); Chromatic, PxP Contemporary Gallery, (2022); Stronger Together, Art Mum’s (2022); Alone, Together, the Associated Artists of Pittsburgh (2021); Full Circle, Concept Art Gallery (2021); and the Associated Artists of Pittsburgh 107th Annual Exhibition at the Westmoreland Museum of American Art, (2019-2020). She has also shown in the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust Gallery, William Pitt Union, Gallery One | Collective Works, and the Pittsburgh Center for Arts and Media. 

Recently, she was awarded Idea Furnace sessions in the Artist Residency Program at the Pittsburgh Glass Center, where she continues to work as a studio artist. Bringing together elements of the natural world with human emotion in painting, sculpture, and photography, her works span a wide range from a neutral monochromatic palette to a more explicitly vivid and affective narrative.


The Dancer Series is a collection of abstract glass sculptures that engage the interplay between movement and form. Each piece is unique, created using the technique of flameworking, kiln forming, and cold working.

Inspired by the fluidity and grace of dancers in motion, these abstract sculptures explore the viewer's perception of motion in space. Refracting light through the use of glass elements, some with flecks of color, create a sense of transformation, while the incorporation of stone provides grounding and stability.

The Dancer Series is a celebration of the constant flux of the creative process, and the unexpected harmonies that emerge from the intersection of different mediums–perhaps, provoking the viewer to see the world in a new, intimate light.

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