Nicolle Cure

Nicolle Cure art contemporary coral and beige abstract painting on canvas

Nicolle Cure Artist Biography

Nicolle Cure is a Colombian-American artist living and working in Miami. In 2018, Nicolle was the sole recipient of the Leaders with Disabilities Scholarship awarded by Americans for the Arts for her work raising awareness about hearing loss and invisible disabilities.

Her art has been showcased at Miami Art Week and Art Basel Miami, and at art fairs from South Korea and China to Colombia. Her work is also sold at selected West Elm stores in the United States and it has been featured in several magazines and blogs, focused on both fine art and hearing health.

Nicolle earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising from the University of Florida and an Associate in Arts in Computer Arts Animation from Miami Dade College. She also holds academic certificates from the Sotheby's Institute of Art.


My art is the fuel that ignites my passion for helping others. I use art as a tool to create beauty around me and support the causes I believe in.

My background heavily influences my work – the folklore, the rich colors, and the rhythms of my Colombian-Lebanese roots combined with the mixed culture of Miami inspire my vibrant and dynamic color palette.

Throughout the years, I have created several art collections often drawn from personal experiences. Each series consists of artworks portraying emotions and events that have profoundly impacted my life.  My latest series, The Colors of Sound, was born during a time of much-obliged self-isolation and severe anxiety caused by my sudden unilateral hearing loss. 

I use high-fluid acrylic ink and paint to mimic the energy and movement of the sound waves and I later add accents with graphite, charcoal, and oil pastels. I chose vibrant colors to create an uplifting, positive message, and darker colors for a more somber tone. Through this series, I explore the relationship between sound and life, to consider how we make sense of our surroundings through what we can hear. 

Developing this collection of paintings has not only been incredibly therapeutic, but it has also served as an opportunity to provide hope and helpful information to others who, like me, are new to this world of hearing and balance disorders and are still learning how to cope with the debilitating symptoms that these invisible disabilities often bring.

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