Tennyson Corley

Tennyson Corley Jungle Fever original painting
Tennyson Corley Artist Biography

Tennyson Corley(b.1988) is a contemporary artist residing in the heart of South Carolina. Raised by an illustrator, Corley attended Columbia College for Fine Art. However, her path proved to have more twists and turns than originally planned. She took a leave from school after battling meningitis during her sophomore year. Set on her art dreams, she began showing professionally in 2010. Tennyson interned for CHI Indigo Design, an indigo textile company based in South Carolina. Yearning for more connection to her environment, Tennyson became a certified master gardener and permaculturalist. This led to influencing her current body of work. She was selected for Artist In Residence for Oconee County Parks in 2020 and in 2022 worked on a public art piece for South Carolina Audubon Society. She continues to hone her style in painting and ceramics while working out of her studio on her small farm. Here she lives with her husband, son, and a small zoo of animals.


My work is inspired by flora, fauna, and bold color. Drawing on the environment's natural forms, textures, and my dream-state memories, I weave them into each piece to achieve a balance between realism and abstraction. Working intuitively creating vibrant, abstracted suggestions of my surroundings while informing the viewer of its fragility. My art is influenced by my own explorations of natural areas, research of environmental issues, and my primary focus, birds. Birds are an indicator of the health of a particular ecosystem. Rather than focusing on the loss of habitat, I highlight specific species and their unique environments. My intent is to evoke memories and the sense of place and time while portraying the uninterrupted cycles existing throughout the natural world. Through my work, I hope to inspire others to more deeply explore their local environments and become invested in the health of its complex ecosystems.

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