Winibey López

Winibey Lopez contemporary figurative artist

Winibey López Artist Biography

Winibey López was born in Caracas, Venezuela. She earned a Master's in Community Management: Business 2.0 and Social Networks at IEBS University (School of Innovation and Business Entrepreneurs) in Madrid, Spain and a Bachelor of Plastic Arts Mention Painting at IUESAPAR in Caracas, Venezuela. She has participated in several group and individual exhibitions in her country of origin and internationally from 1999 to the present, obtaining distinctions and honorable mentions that have been reviewed on the radio and television as well as in written press and digital media.

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My work is defined between public and private. Every day I explore common themes such as daily life, intimacy, sociability, and affection, which inquire about the social representations of love, couples, childhood, sexuality, and family, among others. My daily life, the historiographies, comes from photo albums, archives that, without visual fragmentation, suggest public figures, personal chronicles, and portraits.

Currently, my work stands out for the reinterpretation and decontextualization of images and notes (life diaries-female portraits) using conventional and unconventional materials such as printed textiles (prints) or intervened objects that propose feminine contexts, which tell real stories of anonymous women. and heroines who build daily events that suggest without visual fragmentation the woman who has been interpreted for her power and history.

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