7 Essential Elements to Enhance Your Artist Email Signature

7 Essential Elements to Enhance Your Artist Email Signature


Your email signature serves as a valuable and often overlooked tool for promoting your artwork. As an artist, leveraging this space effectively can significantly boost your visibility, engage your audience, and potentially even lead to increased sales. Here are seven key elements to consider incorporating into your email signature to make the most of it:

  1. Image of Your Artwork: This is a simple sales trick! There's a reason why the artwork images on the front of a catalog or on a show promotional flyer often sell first - it's getting extra visibility. Take advantage of the space in your email signature to include a new, recent, or special piece that is a great example of your style.

    This image also serves as a teaser, enticing recipients to explore more of your work. For example, if you're emailing with a potential gallery, then this is a way for them to already get an idea of what your work is like before clicking through to your website.

  2. Link to Your Website: Your website is your online portfolio and often the best place for curators, galleries, collectors, and the press to review your work. Ensure that every email recipient has easy access to your website by including a direct link to your website in your signature. 

  3. Link to Mailing List Signup: Email continues to be a primary means of facilitating sales with potential clients. Since that is the case, use a link in your email signature as a straightforward way for recipients to join your mailing list. Direct them to a sign-up page where they can stay updated on your latest works, exhibitions, and more. Bonus if you use a call to action!

    Ex: Subscribe to my mailing list, Sign up to stay informed of my studio news

  4. Social Media Links: Strengthen your online presence by incorporating links to your top social media accounts. Whether it's Instagram, TikTok, or other platforms, make it easy for others to find and follow your profiles. Hint! Don't make the mistake of linking to Instagram's home page - always check that your links lead straight to your account. 

    Artist email signature

  5. Contact Information: This is a very personal choice, but some artists choose to share their professional contact details. This could include your email address, phone number, or a link to a contact form on your website. Make it clear and concise, ensuring potential collaborators, buyers, or gallery owners can reach out effortlessly.

  6. Information on Upcoming Events or Projects: Keep your audience informed about your current undertakings by featuring details about upcoming events, exhibitions, or any ongoing projects. Whether you're launching a book or preparing for a solo exhibition, this section adds a timely aspect to your email signature.

    Ex: Upcoming Event: [Event Name](Link to Event Details)

Remember to keep your email signature visually appealing and not overly cluttered. Balance is key, and each element should contribute to a cohesive and professional representation of who you are as an artist. By strategically incorporating these elements, you'll turn every email into an opportunity to showcase your art and engage your audience on a deeper level.

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