Alicia Puig Women United Art Podcast

Alicia Interviewed on the Women United ART PODCAST

Mona had the pleasure of talking to Alicia Puig, a curator & co-founder of PxP Contemporary, Director of Business Operations for Create! Magazine, an arts writer, regular guest host of The Create! Podcast, and co-author of The Complete Smartist Guide.

Alicia has worked in the arts industry for galleries, museums, art fairs, private collectors, art publications, and an auction house for over ten years both in the US and abroad. Her writing has been featured in magazines and on blogs including Create! Magazine, All She Makes, Beautiful Bizarre Magazine, Art She Says, and Artspiel, among others.

She specializes in content creation, online sales, and digital marketing for the arts and enjoys connecting with artists to help them find ways to advance their careers.

Join the ladies as they chat about Alicia's journey into the art world and discuss valuable tips and tricks for emerging artists.

Listen here.