Art Pricing Calculator

Art Pricing Calculator


Try out this simple and handy art pricing calculator if you're stuck wondering what you can or should charge for your art. Simply enter the total amount you spent on the materials used to create the artwork (you will see it is automatically doubled) and then choose an hourly rate for yourself in $ USD (for example, $15 or $25). Finally, tally how many hours it took you to finish the piece and enter that number in the last block. Now you have an estimate of how much to sell your art for!

*Disclaimer: This is not meant to be one size fits all calculator, just a tool to help those starting out who want a reference point. You can always charge more or less based on your experience, the size of the work, etc. 

Cost of materials

Hourly rate

Hours to complete artwork

Artwork price


If this is a good start, but you'd like additional insight and advice about negotiating sales, knowing when and how to raise prices, and strategically pricing your art to sell - check out our top-rated business book for emerging artists: The Complete Smartist Guide! You can also find even more career resources for artists on my personal website

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Art pricing calculator is based on a formula from Saatchi Art.