Black Lives Matter.

Black Lives Matter.

We believe art has power. ⁣
We believe artists can make change. ⁣
We believe #blacklivesmatter. ⁣

As a business, PxP Contemporary has already made donations to several organizations in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. But we want to do more. 

I have decided to match each sale made this month with a 10% donation to a charity of the artist’s choosing, whether that be to any of the organizations supporting Black Lives Matter or COVID-19 relief efforts (as the pandemic has been disproportionately affecting black communities). Please keep in mind that our anniversary exhibition "ONE" is still on view (through August 15th) and features over 100 works of art by 31 artists from around the world. 

You can also see a variety of black artists shared via Create! Magazine, who you can support directly by following and buying from them. ⁣

Thank you in advance and we appreciate you being a part of our community!
CEO & co-founder of PxP Contemporary